Friday, September 22, 2006

Wisconsin at Michigan

My original prediction was 30-20 Michigan, and I stand by that. A rushing touchdown by PJ Hill, two Mehlhaff field goals, and a defensive touchdown will keep the Badgers in the game, but in the end the vastly superior talent of the Wolverines will take over and seal the victory.

Brian of Mgoblog expects less out of the Badgers, predicting a 24-6 Michigan win. Benny Friedman at the Michigan Zone predicts that Michigan will cover, winning 31-16. From what I can tell, this prediction is based on the fact that:

1. Wisconsin's campus has two lakes.
2. Notre Dame's campus has two lakes.
3. Michigan beat Notre Dame.
4. Therefore, Michigan will beat Wisconsin.

Jeff Potrykus says no sooth but manages to sum up the situation pretty well nonetheless.

The Capital Times has a Q and A with Mike Newkirk, who will see more playing time due to the injury of Justin Ostrowski. A short and worthwhile read.

The Black Coaches Association gave Wisconsin an F on the process used to hire Bret Bielema. The BCA needs to learn that not all hires are the same, and that if Barry Alvarez, as head coach and athletic director, sees something and knows something to the point where he is able to tap Bielema as his successor, that bringing in a black candidate just for the sake of appearances is insulting to that candidate and a waste of everyone's time. I give the BCA an F for attempting to smear a good institution and a good man in Barry Alvarez.

Finally, generally-reliable Scout poster butchbadger speculates that Elijah Hodge will play tomorrow. I know, speculation is frowned upon, but this guy is only rarely wrong. If this happens, I hope it's because it's a victory for due process and not a lack of control by Bielema.


UM 30, UW 20 ... but UW 17, UM 15.

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