Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My final post about Western Illinois

The Badgers beat Bowling Green soundly. They are not looking ahead to San Diego State. They are talented, smart, and tough. They're going to beat Western Illinois on Saturday. End of story.

Oh, sure. It's all over the papers. This D-IAA team isn't to be taken lightly. Upsets happen! The Leathernecks are pumped up and they'll be ready to go on Saturday!

Yeah, we know. But UW is no Duke. It's not New Mexico, nor is it Colorado. Wisconsin is NOT going to lose. This game's going to be a slaughter.

If your need for WIU news has not been slaked, go read about how excited the Leathernecks are, or get your update from their student paper (registration required, annoyingly ... just use for your email address). For a historical perspective, see how WIU has begged for Wisconsin's table scraps.

If you want to read something that will actually be relevant following Saturday's bloodbath, check out Jeff Potrykus's take on the emerging running back situation in Madison.

Prediction: Wisconsin 49, Western Illinois 3