Sunday, September 03, 2006

BlogPoll Ballot: Week 2

Preliminary edition, with final shuffling pending the result of the Cadillac Escalade Thug Bowl presented by Alize. Kept on top for your commenting pleasure; tell me where I've gone wrong!

UPDATE: updated
UPDATE 2: submitted

1 Ohio State (3)
Masterful ... this squad is tough
2 Southern Cal (5)
So, Booty's for real
3 Auburn (1)
Good game for them, but a slow start
4 Louisiana State (2)
Was traveling during their game. Suspect it didn't tell much with ULL as an opponent. Help?
5 Texas (4)
McCoy appears to be the real ... uh, deal
6 West Virginia (7)
Sophomore slump for Slayton? Looks like a big negatory on that
7 Iowa (9)
Ascending somewhat by default
8 Georgia (11)
Had em too low before
9 Florida State (12)
See note above
10 Notre Dame (6)
1-0, soon to be 1-2. Mark it down.
11 Miami (Florida) (8)
Herbstreit's national champs take a dump on national TV
12 Penn State (14)
Impressive debut from Morelli
13 Nebraska (16)
Won big against crappy opponent
14 Michigan (17)
Wows for Hart and the defense ... one trick play from pitching a shutout
15 Louisville (15)
Big point total shows they'll still be scoring, but with Bush out get ready for the Attack of the Five-Receiver Sets
16 Oklahoma (10)
Peterson is excellent, but a game against UAB should not go down to the wire.
17 Florida (20)
Southern Miss hung with them for a while. Reasons for concern are there.
18 Tennessee (24)
Dominant performance, big bump for them
19 Wisconsin (22)
For details, please see the rest of this blog
20 Georgia Tech (23)
Gritty. They'll win a few against the big boys. Stop whining about the calls, though; the refs didn't screw you
21 Arizona State (13)
Was wrong about these guys.
22 Cal (18)
Was right about these guys!! Give it up for BT! (And Corso was dead wrong)
23 Clemson (UR)
Played a D-IA doormat. Didn't see the game. Need help placing them please!
24 Oregon (UR)
Won a conference game big. Didn't see the game. Need help placing them please!
25 Virginia Tech (UR)
Last team in. Still don't believe in them. Help?

Other possible inclusions: Texas Tech (not nearly as trigger-happy as they usually are ... bad sign?), Alabama (only won by 8 against Hawaii on the mainland, though ... not a good sign); TCU (Baylor hung with them all game ... bad); Northern Illinois (thoroughly spanked, but Garrett Wolfe could lead them past half the Big Ten teams right now); UCLA; Minnesota.

OUT Michigan State (19)
Struggled with IDAHO!??!
OUT Arkansas (21)
Blown out ... of the rankings!
OUT South Carolina (25)
One TD on a gadget play. Pathetic. Defense was stingy though