Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hoep springs eternal

First, my Indiana preview: Wisconsin's going to win. Indiana will be all fired up because Terry Hoeppner will be back on the sidelines, and it's fantastic that he's recovered from a successful brain surgery, but the talent's ridiculously skewed in Wisconsin's favor in every facet of the game. Add to that a quarterback controversy(last item) and I'm thinking Wisconsin 24, Indiana 10.

Good fan stuff in the campus papers about roadtripping to Ann Arbor; the Daily Cardinal runs a feature, as does the Mendota Beacon:

Despite our location in the middle of enemy territory, the majority of the Michigan fans we encountered were very welcoming. As expected however, there was some heckling. The most notable comment came from a man telling us that W stood for weak.

I'm not a big hockey guy but isn't it odd that the Badgers are ranked number one in the preseason? Didn't they lose their top nine scorers? Must be a down year for a lot of teams.

OK, I'm out of here! Don't email me unless you can wait two weeks for a response. Enjoy Nicole's contributions, and GO BADGERS!

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