Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Carnival of College Football - Week 1 - Submissions Due 9/6, 8 pm

As I said before, I have started up the Carnival of College Football. It's time to put out a call for submissions.

This week's theme is The Kickoff: Introduce Yourself and Your Writing. Just spend a couple minutes combing through your archives and submit your best or your favorite entry. It could be your funniest entry, your most philosophical, the one that "put you on the map" in the college football blogosphere. Maybe you coined a neologism. Maybe you posted something that everyone wanted to copy. Maybe your material was ripped off by Colin Cowherd. Who knows? Impress us. Crack us up. Make us think. But most of all, make us read your blog. Make us add you to our bookmarks or our newsreader. With Blogpollers alone, over 150 new posts pop up each day. Make us sit up and pay attention with the link you submit.

We ain't found shit!

The first entry has been in the tank for a while and more are coming in. First guy to the party gets a special mention; check out how a certain Iowa Hawkeyes fan chooses which teams to support each week.

One more thing I want to touch on quickly; we already have a BlogPoll roundtable, so we already do a pretty good job of bouncing ideas off one another. If you know of a college football blogger who doesn't vote in the BlogPoll, please let him/her know about this Carnival.

Submissions go here or can be emailed to badgertracker@gmail.com ... and have fun!