Sunday, September 10, 2006

Carnival of College Football - Week 2 - Submissions Due 9/13, 8 pm

This week we'll be running the second edition of the Carnival of College Football! Last week we had a lot of good posts from a lot of great bloggers, and this week I'm hoping for an even bigger turnout!

This time around I'll offer a loose theme. It's inspired by my utter inability to correctly predict what will happen in college football, and I call it Crow or Eat Crow. Share your best prediction that came true, or give us the post that sounded good Friday but was a complete mess before the sun went down on Saturday. If you ever found yourself saying one of the following, you know you've got a potential entry:

* "Justin Zwick will emerge as the Buckeyes' starting quarterback, leaving Troy Smith to warm the bench or try his luck at wide receiver."
* "Michael Vick tore up the NCAA, but that sort of gimmick won't fly in the NFL."
* "Purdue returns all 11 players on defense and doesn't play Michigan or Ohio State. The Big Ten title is their to lose."
* "I call these teams the Gang of Six, and one of them MUST and WILL win the national title."
* "I like the Irish in their bowl game."

Of course, feel free to submit a post of any type (so long as it is at least somewhat related to college football). Submissions are due on Wednesday the 13th at 8 pm and go here!