Thursday, September 21, 2006

What they're saying about Wisconsin @ Michigan

First, a couple guys (at least one of whom is really good-looking) answered some vicious electronic questions from Brian at Mgoblog. Read and learn, and then don't come back Friday morning because you've read everything I've had to say!

Before we orbit the blogosphere in search of content other people have created, it bears repeating that DT Justin Ostrowski is out indefinitely, with indefinitely here meaning "until his knee can regenerate its connective tissue, which is totally and completely missing at the moment." Also, LB Elijah Hodge has been suspended for allegedly being involved in an incident with a stolen moped. If you're going to make an absurd mistabe like this, it might as well be the week of the Michigan game, right?

Bruce Ciskie also has a must-read breakdown of how he sees the Badgers stopping the Wolverines on Saturday (brief summary: he doesn't). He seems to come to the same conclusion that I do -- either you stop Michigan's running game, or you stop their passing game, but unless your defensive players ride around Columbus in "borrowed" Escalades, you probably don't have the talent to stop both.

From the bloggers who cheer for the larger species of American weasel, Blah Blah Blah has a preview rarin' to go. "Unstoppable force, meat immovable object," says he of the PJ Hill/Michigan defense matchup. Says I, "keep your pants up, PJ, and endeavor simply to meet the said immovable object." (How many readers will stick around when I make it known that jumping on typos and sloppy usage represents the entire breadth of my ability to generate humor?)

A great preview of the game and the whole University of Wisconsin experience comes from Maize N Brew ... well, if it's last July it's great. Just kidding. He admits he recycled it and aside from informing us that Chris Pressley and Marcus Randle El will be difference makers this season, it's an informative read. He's complimentary:

The Badger fans are to be feared too. But in a good way. Always informed and always friendly. But they're friggin' crazy. I have seen it. I have proof. Plus, once their fight song "On Wisconsin" gets in your head you're gonna need a drill, a hammer, and a shop vac to get it out.

Pot meet kettle on the fight song. I think both fanbases find the other's fight song hard to hate. Along with Notre Dame's jolly tune, these three are the grandaddies of college marches.

BaggyPantsDevil chimes in about UW at the M Zone and is, again, complimentary. Gosh, the fans are all so nice. Remind me again why we hate Michigan so much? Oh yeah, that whole 11-47-1 situation.

Michigan Football Saturdays reminds us that this Saturday is a Maize Out, where all Michigan fans are supposed to dress up like Iowa fans or something (HAHA CORN JOKE!!!! CHOKE ON THAT, HAWKEYES!!)

Back on the Badgers' side of things, the Wisconsin State Journal declares that Woodley vs. Thomas should be special. For that to be special, Thomas is going to have to win the battle 85% of the time or more. Woodley is a known quarterback killer and needs to be kept out of Wisconsin's backfield at all costs.

Cheesehead Sports puts it bluntly:

No, UW can't win at Michy. I hope people have realistic expectations for this bunch. Calhoun, Williams, Orr, and Daniels are all gone from the offense. There are no playmakers left on offense. Luckily the Big 10 is top heavy and UW faces all of the lightweights, so they should be able to compete.

Wisconsin Sports Rant goes one better predicting doom not only for the Badgers but for the Packers, who will be 40 miles away a day later playing against the Lions:

Speaking of other “disasters waiting to happen”, it looks like we may be in for a pretty horrific weekend in the state of Michigan next week. The Badgers did nothing to assure anyone that they will be able to score in the Big House. Sure, the defense looked excellent, but they are really untested, as they have faced a pair of Division I patsies and a Division 1-AA team. Michigan just destroyed the 2nd ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Not exactly a cupcake, are they? I hope we are pleasantly surprised shocked to see at least one of the teams come away with a victory. More likely, though, is that we will all come away excited for college basketball.

CuteSports declares 2006 a rebuilding year and leaves it at that. She has video from last week's game, though, and lots and lots of pictures.

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