Friday, September 08, 2006

Get up to date on this weekend's action:

The Badgers

The Badger Herald has a recap of yesterday's open practice. The Great Potrykus says that the coaches expect better execution this weekend. Bret Bielema is not flustered by the fact that he doesn't vote in the Coaches' Poll (read below and learn why he should be glad not to contribute to the problem).

The Big Games

OSU-Texas links abound, as do good reads about Notre Dame-Penn State.

Oddball Prediction Watch

* ATLeagle picks Boston College over Clemson. Not all that foolish, but the Eagles have to get their house in order after the debacle against Central Michigan. Oddball level: 4/10

* Penn State will get blown out, says Joey of Schembechler Hall. Bold. Notre Dame's offense looked eminently stoppable on Saturday night, and Penn State's got the sort of defense that could stuff the Irish. However, Notre Dame was the subject of preseason hype for a reason. Oddball level: 5/10 (for the term "blown out")

Bonus: The Mismanagement of College Football

Obviously, we hate the new clock rules. If this analysis, broken down at the Wizard of Odds is correct, we're losing about 10% of the plays from the average college football game. Over a twelve game season, that amounts to over one game's worth of plays. Think about that. Third-stringers won't get on-field experience during garbage time, comebacks will become more improbable, and we get to watch LESS FOOTBALL every season! Can't we just cut the advertising time down? (Answer: duh, no.) The M Zone and EDSBS have registered their disgust as well.

The Coaches' Poll Continues to Be a Joke

If you thought Jim Tressel's voting situation was screwed up, check out what Les Miles thinks of voting in the poll:

... he spends a short period of time watching scores come in on ESPN and probably spends 45 minutes all total. Miles said he votes heavily for SEC teams.

Between that, Spurrier voting for Duke, Phil Fulmer voting undefeated Michigan #4 in his final poll in 1997 (ultimately handing the Coaches' title to Nebraska), and the contractual obligation of Coaches Poll voters to vote for the BCS title game winner in their number 1 slot (even when other teams might finish the season undefeated), isn't it time for this poll to go?

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