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Carnival of College Football I - Introducing CFB Bloggers and Their Writing

Welcome, one and all, to the Carnival of College Football! If you're still not familiar with the concept, maybe the entries themselves will help clear things up. With no further ado:

What happens when your archrivals take off their shirts, sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart," and post it on the interwebs? Matt of BevoSports wants you to know! This post put that site "on the map."

Todd Sponsler presents 50-Yard Lion Blog posted at 50-Yard Lion Blog, saying, "I am an ophthalmologist by day, a blogger by night, and a Penn State football fan 24/7. I try to write insightful, sometimes inciteful, commentary regarding PSU football. It's not easy since I can't even write legible prescriptions. This entry is a parody song based on Meatloaf's "You took the words right out of my mouth" as a way of venting frustration from last year's only loss."

It seems only fitting to put this post by DP right after Todd's; the team that bested PSU last year was Michigan, and in his acerbic fashion the chief of Michigan Against the World says, "This post was from my blog's infancy. At the time, it was meant to be satire- completely ripping other teams/fans/etc., but I've transitioned into a more serious tone, because I think it's just better reading. This post is still my favorite, because if there's one thing I like, it's railing on the insane online Penn State fan. WE OWN!!! PENN STATE!!!"

I'm partial to the blog Cute Sports, mainly because Nicole is a Badger fan. She introduces herself like so: "The name comes from a column I wrote for my collge paper and it's the best I could think of when I got started. The blog covers a wide gamut of sports in the state of Wisconsin, with a smattering of soccer and some state of Louisiana coverage as well. I live in Milwaukee, but spent 6 years in New Orleans. There's a dearth of coverage on Wisconsin sports. I try to fill that void and provide a new (sarcastic) take on things. I think being female gives me a unique view of the sports world, but I also hope that you don't read my posts and automatically think 'this is written by a chick.' This is my post on the Capital One Bowl, and from that same day, a post about the irrelevance of bowls.


If you're not reading Sunday Morning Quarterback yet, you're not taking your role as a college football blogger seriously. The SMQ shares his weekly features: a Friday preview and Sunday Morning Recap ... in depth as usual.

Cool Hand Mike explains the passion for college football in Alabama for us poor Northern folk in My Home State. Check out the rest of his blog, too.

Nestor at Bruins Nation tells us that while the 60 minutes on the field counted the most for UCLA, what happened after the game should not be ignored.

Straight Bangin' analyzes Michigan-Vanderbilt and expects to offer more like that during the season at Schembechler Hall.

View from Rocky Top shows you what happens when a fan of a perennial powerhouse endures a season that ends without a bowl appearance in the post Catastrophic Change and the Season of Which We Do Not Speak, at, of course, View from Rocky Top.

deep thoughts

Mike Miller lets us know his tiebreaker scheme in neutral games in My allegiances in college football posted at Talk Hawkeyes, saying, "This post is about how I determine who to root for in each football game."

Jeffie Husker weaves together topics as disparate as the Jungian theory of synchronicity and the XFL in The Luck Effect posted at Double Extra Point. This one really does qualify as deep thought!

My submission enters the realm of the stupid: I try to get inside a recruit's head. Good luck with that!

Maize N Brew knows something is amiss in the Big Ten: almost all the schools have incorrect mascots! Except Minnesota ... turns out they really ARE gophers. Read more at Maize N Brew.

All the world's a stage at Trials in the Falcon Nation. Here, orangeandbrown presents the BG-UT game in 23 acts.

Adam presents PITCH RIGHT: Does the Window Even Exist? posted at Pitch Right, saying, "A collaborative effort with Brian from The House that Rock Built, I can say that this was the first (and perhaps last) quality post I ever made." It's all about sitting on the bad side of a 42-year drought.

Steven presents The Anagrammed NC State Football Preview posted at Section Six, saying, "I generated anagrams for a bunch of players on the NC State two-deep and then constructed a mini-preview around the results." Entertaining, but requires extensive knowledge of the NC State roster!

irresponsible speculation

Mark Hasty presents PARDON THE BIGTENTERRUPTION posted at The Bemusement Park, saying, "Pickin' On The Big Ten (POTBT) has been around in one form or another since 1999. While the attitude is always lighthearted, the picks are serious. This particular submission is a takeoff on Pardon The Interruption, the popular ESPN argument show. Previous editions of POTBT have presented the week's predictions in the form of a presidential debate, '80s hair-metal classics, TV Guide listings, and "The Jim Rome Show." What will this year bring? Stay tuned. I can only promise you no haiku. Ever."


Rocky Top Talk presents The Animated BCS Race: Week One posted at Rocky Top Talk. This is a really cool idea and I'll be checking it out week by week now. This is the sort of thing the Carnival is good for -- you might miss these gems if they're not brought to your attention!


Not really a rant, but AgRyan04 takes us back to his 2003 road trip to Nebraska at his blog Texas A&M & Baseball In No Particular Order. It's never fun to drive through three gigantic states just to witness your team's demise, but Ryan sums the whole thing up nicely.

Whew!! Enough to read?! That's it for this week, but we'll be back next Thursday, right here at Wisconsin Badger Sports. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Carnival of College Football using our carnival submission form.
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