Sunday, October 08, 2006

Another Badger win

I didn't see a ton of the Badger game on replay last night, mostly because who doesn't have anything better to do at 10pm on a Saturday night? They won, as they should have. They looked mighty ugly for most of the game. The score is more indicative of a lack of opponent than it is of our strength.

This season has been all about playing up or down to our opponents. Someone complained about the number of turnovers yesterday and said if we'd done that against Michigan, we'd have been done for.

But it wouldn't have happened against Michigan. We played our best football that Saturday. But against opponents as pathetic as San Diego State, we've put on a poor showing. Apparently we can't get up for games against small opponents.

It's a precarious place for the Badgers and we can only hope they can hold on to it. I mean, what happens when you play a middlin' opponent? What happens when we play Iowa? Iowa's a very, very good team this year, but you don't get excited for a game with them like you do for a team like Michigan or Ohio State. The history and recognition isn't there.

We can only hope that having the history with Bielema and Iowa will mean the team is riled up.
As for the game, P.J. Hill continues to emerge as one hell of a back. His power is unreal and his yards after contact have to be some of the best numbers in the nation.

Paul Hubbard continues the one step forward, two steps back routine. There is no excuse for the fumbles yesterday. Neither were good hits or good defense. The second ball he knocked out of his own hands trying to get a better grip. I know we're a young team, but I feel we've got enough other options. Bench the kid til he figures out how to hold on to the ball.