Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Am I back?

Oh. Oh, yes. And let us speak not of my travels, but of the Badgers.

Which, of course, I am fully unprepared to do at this juncture. Turns out the international media, much like the American media, do not care much about the doings of our intrepid Badgers. But let me just say that I am happy to see that Wisconsin is 5-1 and has, in the past two weeks, thoroughly destroyed two teams that were marked for thorough destruction.

I'd like to thank Nicole for filling in extremely capably. Read her non-Badger thoughts at Cute Sports.

Since I'm so woefully in the dark about the on-field doings of the Badger football team (last I saw, they were up 28-0 on Indiana), let's focus on an extraordinarily silly drama that is playing itself out in the student media: the Chancellor has found something amiss with the band! The band members aren't sure what it is, but it may involve foul language and/or the consumption of liquor! I am scandalized! More on this as it develops.

Also, a Badger disco king at the Michigan game caused Daily Cardinal writer Ryan Reszel to see the light about older fans:

Consider this: In the past 13 years, UW has had two losing seasons. From 1964-1992, they had six winning seasons.

How many of today’s students would have stuck around through the winless seasons of ’67 and ’68. Who among the “road warriors” in Ann Arbor could have endured four consecutive four-win years in the 1970s?

So next time you’re tempted to yell at the “old people,” stop and think. Haven’t they earned the right to sit during a game, to be unrealistically optimistic, to have their own disco dance party in a hotel bar?

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