Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thursday link salmagundi

Even though it's been up for a while, the CFN Wisconsin preview hasn't yet been linked here. Their prediction: rosier than I'm letting myself believe. 10-2 and a conference title? That would be nice. As I'm sure astute readers have come to realize, I'm not sold on Bielema yet, and I think the team loses a game or two because of our tyro coach.

Speaking of the coach, here's a fine little piece from the CapTimes: Bielema on Fitzgerald. This is a neat look at how the paths of the two youngest head coaches in Division I-A have crossed. One gets the impression that Fitzgerald would have been a great addition to the Badgers' coaching staff. It's going to be interesting to see how the Northwestern game plays out this year -- both coaches are young, energetic, and defense-minded, and the Wildcats have managed to win three of the last five matchups against Wisconsin, even though the Badgers have been consistently more talented year in and year out and have posted higher win totals every season since 2000.

Defensive end Matt Shaughnessy has been named to the Hendricks Award watch list. Hopefully he's healthy and turns in an award-winning performance this season. Oddly, he's still listed as second in his position on the depth chart. has named the women's hockey title the #3 greatest sports moment of 2005-6. You know you had a good year as a department when a national championship comes in third place.