Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday links salmagundi

Articles about incoming recruits abound! In anticipation of tomorrow's Wisconsin Football Coaches Association All-Star game, the Wisconsin State Journal has profiled two Badgers who are likely to redshirt this year: defensive end (or possible tight end) Kirk DeCremer and offensive lineman of the future Gabe Carimi. Note the headline of Carimi's article; he also brings a tremendous intensity to the team, he has that blue-collar work ethic, and he'll be an immediate impact player when he hits the gridiron.

In hockey news, the San Jose Sharks have made Joe Pavelski an offer he couldn't (or at least didn't) refuse. The other shoe is scheduled to drop at a 2 pm press conference at the Kohl Center this afternoon. Possibly next on the chopping block is Jack Skille. The fact that his future lies with the Blackhawks might inspire him to stay with the Badgers for another year, but at this point, it seems that jumping ship is the popular thing to do. Skille does seem to be sincerely and thoughtfully considering both options.

Zounds! The estimable mgoblog has posted a comprehensive Badger preview, and it's well worth a read. Most of the assessments are spot on (or, at least, I agree with them); this year's Badgers are tough to put a finger on. We've got a good quarterback and an offensive line that can protect him, but does he have anyone to throw to? Is there anyone who can take a handoff and run? The defensive line is solid, but if they don't snuff a play in the backfield or sack the quarterback, how much pain and suffering is the patchwork secondary going to endure? Or does our brilliant, young, defense-minded coach have a solution to these problems that we, the fans, didn't foresee? He IS brilliant, right? I'm loath to say either way, personally; I'll expound upon my Bielema-related hopes and fears in later postings.

Oh, and the CapTimes has "revealed" the Blue Moon's burger secret, if you're interested. Knew you were.