Thursday, July 06, 2006

More Badger baseball

Andy Baggot has big ideas for Wisconsin baseball - use the Big Ten Channel money to pay for it. An interesting idea for sure, and one that is made attractive in the last couple lines of the piece:

Just like that, UW becomes the first Division I school to restore a men's sport it previously dropped.

Just like that, Alvarez has a final triumphant chapter for his autobiography.

Interesting. The question that keeps nagging at me, though, is this: can Madison support UW baseball AND the Madison Mallards? There's not much overlap between the two seasons (a necessity, give that the Northwoods League is populated with college players), and the UW campus and the Mallards' home field at Warner Park are far enough apart that they might just attract two separate groups of fans.

Would fans turn out to watch baseball on the UW campus in the very early spring? Or would they hold out for warm weather and the Mallards - especially with that delicious Great Dane beer on tap? Does UW even *need* to attract fans to the baseball diamond?

Lots of stuff to consider here. I just hope that Athletic Director Alvarez *is* considering it.