Monday, July 17, 2006

Incoming lineman Carimi gets hurt

Apparently twisted his ankle during the all-star game on Saturday. Between the injury and the fact that the game took place on a day where the high temperature was in the mid-90's, you can see why so many people just hate these high school all-star games. There's no need to put our precious recruits in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, CFN has previewed the Buffalo Bulls, and it is ugly. They've been ranked #117 out of 119 in Division I-A. Fortunately that's not the easiest game the Badgers have this year; D-IAA Western Illinois takes that honor. And that team managed to place exactly zero players on the "Top 25 D-IAA Players to Watch" list.

But hey, those tickets will cost you the same amount of money as the Penn State game. If you want to be a Badger, come along with me.