Thursday, July 20, 2006

Booker Stanley Thug Activity Update

Yesterday, Booker Stanley had his day in court yet again. This time around he was accused of beating his girlfriend. The incident is supposed to have happened last December, about eight months after his previous brush with the law. Former Badger Brian Calhoun testified at the trial, redundantly acknowledging Stanley's reputation for honesty and truthfulness. Which of those two virtues caused this kid's face to look the way it did is still in question (warning: not for the squeamish.)

I have no tolerance for incidents like this. This guy gets all expenses paid to a top-tier university and spends his time playing a game he loves and becoming a hero to the entire campus, and he shows his gratitude by pummeling his fellow students? Let the bum go. He's a disgrace.

A stupid list has crept its way from CFN to the Top 100 Heisman candidates for 2006. Has there EVER been a reason to compile a list of 20 Heisman candidates before a season, let alone 100? Doubtful. Has any sane person cared about who might win the Heisman before the month of November? Unlikely. Am I sinking to their level of stupidity by linking the article? Possibly. For what it's worth, the only Badger appearing on the list is QB John Stocco, and he checks in at #69.

If you're a self-loating Western Illinois Leathernecks fan, you should be aware that you can still get tickets to what shall almost definitely become known as the Massacre at Camp Randall (non-Temple edition). Come up to Wisconsin and smell our dairy air. Enjoy the hospitality of our cordial alumni, who only become that way after pupating from the obnoxious, drunken undergraduate student larvae that hatch from the dormitories every September. Prepare to be regaled with clever four-letter taunts and watch your step lest you plunge ankle-deep into somebody else's pre-game burrito -- all without most of the people in attendance even having known about your school's existence prior to gameday. Only $35 and this can be yours!