Friday, July 28, 2006

Feature Foto Friday

In what may become a feature of this humble Badger sports blog, I present a picture of campus for your edification.

A dramatic view of Vilas Hall from Lake Street. The building has suddenly found itself the sole occupant of the block bounded by Lake Street, University Avenue, Park Street, and Johnson Street with the demolition of University Square mall. The old mall, which was home to Paesan's restaurant, was torn down to make way for an eleven-story behemoth of a building, which will serve a staggering array of functions. It will contain 350 apartments, over 400 parking spaces, and a quarter million square feet worth of university territory. The whole thing, amazingly, is expected to be completed in just about two years.


Nicole said...

Your first pic of campus and it's so bleary. We're trying to prove to people that Wisconsin doesn't suck!

simplesinger said...

Wow, that's startling. I graduated in '03, and haven't been back much recently. I hear they're tearing down some of the dorms as well.

From one former Badger to a current one; keep up the good work on this blog.

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