Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hope for the Big Ten Network in Wisconsin?

Mgoblog (which provides about half the information for my blog, it seems) links to a very helpful article in the University of Michigan's student newspaper, which gives the impression that many Wisconsin residents will be able to see the Big Ten Network without switching services:

In the next few weeks, Silverman thinks the network will sign with several cable and satellite distributors - Time Warner, Dish Network and Charter - but he won't count on Comcast.

"I need to consider Comcast as hoping, not expecting," Silverman said. "I will know more in the next couple of weeks about Comcast. That will be one that will go very close to the launching."

Since Milwaukee is home to many Time-Warner subscribers, and my very own Madison apartment is hooked up with Charter, I consider this extremely good news. That we're getting closer to a deal is remarkable. With any luck it'll be in place by the first of September. My fingers are crossed.