Saturday, August 18, 2007

Way, way too early BlogPoll ballot -- Preseason Week 1

This is my second year of participating in the weekly BlogPoll, a top 25 poll started by Brian of Mgoblog. We received an advisory from him stating that this year we will have two -- TWO! -- preseason rankings. This is so that we have ample opportunity to tell all the other participants how wrong they are (I'm looking at YOU, Falcon Nation, what with your #14 ranking for the Badgers and whatnot) and give them a chance to correct themselves before the season opener.

So here's my absolutely awful initial attempt. Explanatory notes are provided for each team's ranking. You MUST, MUST help me with this. Who'd I leave out? Who'd I overrate and underrate? I don't know! You might though! Leave your thoughts in the comments and help me get this thing right.

1 Southern Cal An absolute embarrassment of talent should keep the Trojans at or near the top of the heap all season long
2 Florida Urban Meyer's recruits will be the source of Florida's sustained success
3 LSU Sure, they'll miss JaMarcus Russell, but scoring isn't too important when your defense gives up 1.4 points per game (projected)
4 Texas It's a good year to be named "Colt"
5 Wisconsin Hello, and welcome to Wisconsin Badger Sports
6 Michigan Yes, I think we're better than Michigan. I think their offense will be the country's most feared but their defense will hemmorhage frequently
7 Oklahoma People seem high on them but I would really like to rank the Sooners lower than this. Probation doesn't help either
8 Penn State Everyone seems to be doubting this team. That seems to be when they excel
9 West Virginia I believe in the individual stars on this team but not in the team itself. Of course I said the same thing last year and they demolished Georgia in the Sugar Bowl
10 Ohio State Never, ever, ever count this team out, even when you really want to
11 UCLA Dorrell saved his job last year in beating USC. This year he proves his worth
12 Virginia Tech Could cause the ACC -- the mega-conference that everyone's been waiting to see -- to rise from the ashes
13 RutgersI believe in Schiano. Last year was no fluke
14Nebraska The transfer of Sam Keller intrigues me ...
15 California Jeff Tedford and his nerd herd just "feel right" here
16 Louisville Brian Brohm will help this team score a lot of points, but he should've just gone pro
17 Georgia Charles Rogers curses the Dawgs
18 Hawaii Could win their conference with Colt Brennan ...
19 Boise State ... unless these guys are in BCS-victory form right off the bat
20 Oregon An enigma ... help?
21 South Florida Up-and-comers who have even lower academic standards than Florida State and Da U means there's a lot of potential for victory
22 Tennessee [Filled this spot with an SEC team]
23 South Carolina [Um, this one too]
24 Indiana I really, really think they're going to win a bowl game this year. I really do
25 Washington State Look at that, the Badgers scheduled a ranked opponent out of conference after all!