Monday, August 20, 2007

My interview at

Go read it, it's awesome.


Mr.Man said...

Umm, about your freshman prediction, it looks very much like Nick Toon is going to redshirt. Bielema hasn't even been mentioning him as one of the six or seven guys that might contribute this year. And Kyle Jefferson has apparently been outperforming him in practice.
A subscription is pretty handy for that kind of information.

Badger Tracker said...

I didn't get the impression that the question was about which freshman would have the biggest impact this season ... I took a more holistic approach and answered it as, "Which freshman will have the best career as a Badger when all is said and done?"

And yeah, I don't have a Rivals subscription at the moment, but it would be unethical to share their premium content (although that wouldn't be applicable in this case, specifically).

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