Monday, August 27, 2007

Badger forward Kevin Gullikson cited for underage drinking

Lest you think that the football players are the only ones having any fun ...

University of Wisconsin men's basketball player Kevin Gullikson received a citation early Saturday morning for underage drinking.

According to the UW Police Department, he was picked up at 1:25 a.m. and had an alcohol level of .209, more than twice the legal limit.

Now, since they were kind enough to post the actual BAC here, I decided to run a few numbers ... ya know, just for fun. Gullikson weighs 240 pounds, so a BAC of .209 could translate to:

  • 13 shots of Jack Daniel's over the course of 2 hours (BAC = 0.214%)

  • 11 Miller High Lifes in one hour (BAC = 0.212%)

  • 2 liters of MD 20/20 over the course of 3 hours (BAC = 0.209%)

  • Two and a half forties of Steel Reserve over the course of 3 hours (BAC = 0.208%)

Makes me sick just to look at it.

Prodigious! And with numbers like that, you have to expect the guy's no rookie; sure enough:
For the second offense, Gullikson faces up to $375 in fines and a suspension of his driving privileges for up to six months. According to the UW Police Department, he may also be required to attend an alcohol assessment program.

Underage drinking violations are not covered under the athletic department's Student-Athlete Discipline Policy.

Caught twice? Kevin Gullikson needs to drink smarter, not harder.