Tuesday, March 04, 2008

OK Badger fans -- wear red today

Something you're used to doing, I'm sure, but today let's make it scarlet instead of cardinal. Thad Matta is a better coach than Matt Painter, Ohio State has talent that's at least on par with Purdue's, and the game's at Ohio State's majestically-named Value City Arena -- plus the Buckeyes have got to be amped up to play spoiler.

Tell you what, Bucks ... if you win tonight, I'll fulfill your deepest desire: during over the course of the Big Ten Tournament, I'll refer to your school as THE Ohio State University.


boilerdowd said...

Ohio State's talent, at this point, is better than Purdue's...so was Wisconsin's earlier this season.

I guess that's why I'd say that Painter is a superior coach. He's made Purdue's team pretty good and has done so in timely manner.

How is Matta a better coach?

J Money said...

Man, and we get told some of what WE write is nonsense!

Purdue Matt said...


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