Sunday, February 04, 2007

The latest

The basketball team won on Saturday, beating Northwestern 69-52. You wouldn't figure they'd won by 17 based on this headline from ESPN: "Wisconsin avoids upset bid." Upset bid? Evidently, the only part of the game the writers saw was the 14-0 run that Northwestern put together in the second half. What they should've taken into account was that at the beginning of that run, the Badgers were up by 24, and when the Cats pulled to within 10, they came back to life and pulled away again. That 14-0 run, in my opinion, doesn't say as much about UW as the 24-point lead that preceded it. Don't sweat the technique.

The hockey team got swept by Colorado College, so they'll need to win the WCHA tournament to secure an NCAA tourney berth. If I have time I'll take a look at how the tourney (the Big Skate?) is shaping up. Don't hold your breath.

Also, PJ Hill will be having surgery on his shoulder. Come back stronger, big guy.