Monday, February 05, 2007

Hockey and Football ... together at last!

Much as I'd like to see those 300-pound linemen strap on some skates or see a field goal kicker try to convert from forty yards out on a sheet of ice, this post is actually just a collection of links about hockey and football. Sorry for any disappointment.

As far as hockey goes, the Badgers basically need to with the WCHA tournament to have a shot at defending their crown. They're well out of this tournament projection (thanks Western College Hockey) and would probably be a 4-seed even if all the necessary miracles were to occur. Maybe the world's worst refs could see us into the field of 16. Or maybe one of the people/computers/coin-flipping machines that create the bad bad naughty Pairwise Rankings could maybe forget to carry a 1 somewhere and let us in. Given the odds, I'd advise the hockey fans out there to simply enjoy the end of the regular season.

On to football: National Signing Day is coming up on Wednesday, and I know zilch about recruiting. Well, a little more than zilch; I know that a certain percentage of zealous fans will hate a high school kid forever if he chooses the wrong school, and a certain percentage of those actually seem to enjoy recruiting more than the actual football. But Wisconsin isn't hemorrhaging in-state talent as it has in years past, although the very large O-line recruit Josh Oglesby is going to need time to heal. He'll be on the shelf with Andy Crooks and PJ Hill. For up-to-the-minute recruiting, rumor-trading, and panicking, this is your link.