Monday, February 05, 2007

Bret Bielema Arm Candy Watch

The fact that the Wisconsin State Journal ran this story on Bret Bielema and his date, one Sabrina Holtzman (don't Google-stalk her, you'll just get her half-marathon time), at the 2007 Frostiball (read: prom for upper-middle-class-and-better adults who live in the Madison area) makes it acceptable -- nay, it obligates me! -- to post about it.


Jamie said...

Here's a link for your research: City=&Country=&First_name=&Last_name=&Level=

As a Badger, it's a bit bothersome to see that our current football coach is dating someone whose e-mail address is "hawkeyeathrt". Granted, Bielema's the same Iowa football player who announced to a UW Marching Band member in 1990 that he was going to crush the Badgers in the football game that day. So, how much longer will it really be before he jumps ship from the UW?

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