Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We must destroy the elder Landry

Truth be told, I'm not too worried about any of the other games the Badgers will have to play at the Kohl Center this year, now that Ohio State has come and gone. Maybe the Indiana game. Maybe. But that's it.

Anyway, Purdue's coming to town, fresh off a demolition of Michigan. They'll be the first to get a shot at the new-and-improved #2 Badgers, and they've got Marcus Landry's older brother on the team, but that's where the interesting storylines begin and end. While any team that manages to beat the Badgers could justifiably point to that win and call it "huge," the Boilermakers would especially be thanking their deities of choice if they could go home with a victory. They're in desperate need of a marquee win; Joe Lunardi currently lists them as one of the last four teams to be left out of the Big Dance, and that loss to Indiana State is going to need to be pushed out of the spotlight by the time the selection committee gets down to business.

Still, the Kohl Center is a fortress and the Boilermakers don't have the talent to overcome what the Badgers are going to throw at them.