Friday, January 19, 2007

Badgers get by Purdue, visit Illinois tomorrow

The Badgers overcame a slow start on Wednesday to finish off the pesky Purdue Boilermakers, 69-64, at the Kohl Center. The game swung on Jason Chappell's otherworldly 13-point, 8-rebound performance. Wisconsin sniffed out Purdue's gameplan and exploited what they saw. That translated into several double-digit leads for the Badgers late in the game, and that was the difference in the game as the Opossums weren't able to get closer than two scores to UW.

(Speaking of Chappell, here's something that opposing fans are sure to start mocking: his J-Cheezy ... er ... fashion line. More examples here.)

As if we needed another reason to be proud of them: Congrats to the basketball team for posting the highest GPA of any fall sports team at UW.

Tomorrow the Badgers will try to run their winning streak to 15 games as they visit Illinois. The Illini have struggled thus far this year, losing at Michigan, at Michigan State, and at home to Ohio State. The Badgers need to realize that playing down to their competition as they did at Northwestern and versus Purdue simply won't work against the Illini. (Or whatever they're called, if they're not allowed to use the Illini name by tomorrow.)

Misc: hockey has a bye this weekend; the Dance Team got high marks at a competition; and the Badger Herald has a good metaphor for bringing bottom-feeding opponents to a revamped Camp Randall Stadium.


Ron said...

Nice post, should be a good game later today. Not sure what they will call the Illini, maybe the featherless Chiefs.

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