Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Halftime score: Wisconsin 28, Indiana 26

Despite a turnover-heavy half, the Badgers are in the lead as the teams head to the locker rooms. Alando Tucker already has 14 points, but it looked like he was walking off the court with a limp. Hopefully just cramping or other temporary soreness; time will tell.

The Hoosiers live and die by the three-point shot, and thus far they've only scored on 2 of 12 attempts. If that doesn't improve, the Badgers will almost certainly leave Bloomington with a win.

The crowd is electric, and the game is turning out to be the battle most of us anticipated. Highlights from the first half include Chappell hustling to catch a Hoosier on the fast break and reject his layup, Tucker making something out of nothing as the shot clock ran out, and Bohannon sinking the last shot of the half to quiet the boisterous crowd.

In other action of consequence, #1 Florida trails unranked Vanderbilt by 11 at the half, and Ohio State has opened a small lead on Purdue at the beginning of the second half. While it doesn't look like UW will be getting that extra cushion that a Boilermaker upset would provide in the conference, a Gator loss might be enough to make Wisconsin the top-ranked team in the nation come next week. Hey, if everyone's looking to get a piece of you, might as well be #1 while they're doing it, right?

And we're into the second half ... Badgers now lead 30-26. On Wisconsin!