Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Weeks of backlog to address, no time to do it.

I will say that Stocco's surgery doesn't worry me. Based on how Sorgi recovered from a similar procedure, I'd expect him to be back in action before the Michigan game, which is the first real action UW will see this season thanks to Omar Jacobs leaving Bowling Green for, er, greener pastures. Even though Sherer and Donovan allegedly had a lousy day at practice, they only needs to beat a lackluster Bowling Green squad, D-IAA Western Illinois, and possibly San Diego State. That's not a tall order; indeed, I imagine that UW's number 2 defense is a tougher match for our QBs than anything those three teams will put on the field. Hell, the defense will probably score most of our points anyway.

The good news is that it appears that the Badgers have landed a couple of freshman stars, notably Xavier Harris. Sherer and Donovan will need sure-handed targets if they're going to succeed, and Harris appears to be exactly that.

In other news, former Kansas State quarterback Allan Evridge visited Madison yesterday and is thinking about transferring here. He seems to have been a solid performer, and a quarterback controversy next season may be just what the Badgers need to spark them to success.