Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Picking on the Pack - an occasional feature

I never cared much for the NFL. Sure, it's nice to have a day of football to watch and flip through the day after the main event concludes, but honestly, what's the point? I'm a Badger, so I like the Badgers. I've never been a Packer, so what's my investment in them?

Well, the little lady sat me down one day and explained to me that I am a Packer fan. So I guess I am. Am I whipped? Maybe. Am I marrying into season tickets at Lambeau? Damn right. GO PACK GO! So, whenever I see a Packer game, I might just offer comment on it. Read and learn.

Anyway, the game last night was over before it started. Dr. Favre entered the operating room and called for 500 CC's of suck ... stat! After a ridiculous fumble and a tip-drill interception that led to ten points, Favre came out firing ... straight off the fingertips of the Bengals' defensive backs. However, he redeemed himself somewhat by throwing a touchdown pass after driving 73 yards, and he started the second half by getting the Pack within field goal range. These things, however, provide little consolation to a team that's fallen behind 31-0. And indeed, that was the margin of victory; although the Packers did score 17 points, the Bengals made sure that their effort could in no way be interpreted as respectable, answering with 17 of their own for a final score of 48-17.

Of course, Favre does not bear the sole responsibility for the loss. The defense played atrociously, most notably $10 million dollar man Charles Woodson. T. J. Hoshahahahafzadeh was consistently beating Chuck, making him look like lost out there. All in all, an ugly experience.

After last week's 38-10 win over the Falcons, Nicole commented that the Packers had used up all the points allotted for the first three games. She didn't go far enough; the Packers, in the course of one game, spent every favorable bounce that they'd see during the course of the season.

It's going to be a long season, Packer fans. A win a month might be asking too much.