Friday, February 29, 2008

UW women's basketball provides you with entertainment

No, weirdo, not actual gameplay. It's all about the postgame press conference. Meet Michigan head coach Kevin Borseth, who you might (MIGHT) recognize as the immediate past coach of the UW-Green Bay Lady Phoenixeses. His team was leading Wisconsin by 20 in the second half, when all of a sudden the Badgers went nuts and wound up beating the Wolverines. As for Borseth, well ... he's a man! They let 'em off the hook! He's gonna make you run till you can't eat supper! PLAYOFFS?!?!?!

(Just kidding, Lady Badgers. We love you and appreciate your recent success. And if you don't like the term "Lady Badgers," I'm sorry, but I just don't care.)

Video link via Michigan Sports Center, M Zone, Sunday Morning QB, SI on Campus, Realests, Deadspin,Big Lead, etc etc etc