Sunday, February 24, 2008

A new sensation for Bruce Pearl

Last night's feature game between #2 Tennessee and #1 Memphis lived up to the hype, and accordingly, Volunteer fans are loving it. BruceBall says WOW, Fulmer's Belly reminds us that Memphis is the home of the blues, and Gate 21 has a flashy new logo. You really have to hand it to Bruce Pearl. The guy can coach, and he's really made Tennessee a national player.

But for this Badger fan, the remarkable thing about last night's game is that Coach Pearl finally knows how it feels to lead the top team in the state. Unfortunately for Pearl (and many thousands of other people), UW-Milwaukee exists to be second-best. He was fortunate to only have to spend four years in that purgatory.

So, hats off to Bruce Pearl, not just for being the coach of the #1 team in the land, but for exposing the Fighting Illini as filthy, filthy cheaters.