Monday, June 19, 2006

The summer wears on ...

... and the non-news keeps trickling in:

  • the Western Illinois and San Diego State games (rolls eyes) will be 2:30 pm starts
  • John Stocco has been named to the Maxwell Award watch list
  • the UW men's basketball team achieved a collective 3.2 GPA last semester
  • and finally, some non-news about revamping the football media guide to be less statistics-oriented and function as more of a recruiting tool. Useful for the hundred or so of us who w0uld be considered viable UW recruits, but not so much for the other thousands who use it. Actually, the most interesting part of this article is the snippet that says that UW is looking to parlay its successful hosting of this year's Frozen Four into a bid to host regional action in the 2010-2011 NCAA basketball tournament. Worked out well in 2002, after all. Having the tournament in town is always an asset.