Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm not Recruiting-Obsessive

... in that I don't salivate over the list of schools that a high schooler considers "in the running" for his matriculation. Nor do I grow distraught when said high schooler decides that my school isn't the place for him. His loss, really.

However, when a prospective student-athlete makes an oral commitment and backs out of it, well ... that does miff me. Luckily, though, in the desert of the off-season and in the wake of the Sam Gagner de-commitment, the Wisconsin State Journal's Andy Baggot has chased down Kyle Turris. Young Kyle has wisely decided to reassure the Badger faithful that yes, indeed, he will be a Badger in the 2007-8 season.

Good. That makes the half of me that cares somewhat about recruiting happy. The other half (which is the bigger half), the half that cares about how an athlete actually performs at UW, remains unperturbed.